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~ Television Studio ~

The Television Studio is just one of 14 businesses within the 10,000 square foot JA BizTown. The Television Studio’s primary purpose is to broadcast television shows and develop an afternoon news program and a DVD for the school and JA’s archives.

Key Features:

JA BizTown DVD: broadcasters will film interviews in-studio as well as film the morning meeting and candid scenes around JA BizTown

15 Seconds of Fame: customers can pay to have 15 seconds to sing like an American idol or express themselves in any other decent manner

Television Program Management: broadcasters select popular television shows and movies to play during the day, broadcasted on the JA BizTown television network

Human Resources:

CEO – the boss; must manage employees and the company to pay back a business loan and earn a profit

CFO – handles paying bills, trips to the bank and all accounting

Broadcasters – film JA BizTown events and candid moments, conduct interviews, record a news show and commercials

Capital Resources:

Digital video cameras, televisions, dvd players, computers, pencils, pencil sharpeners, studio lighting, chairs, desks, etc.